Cold Pressed Juice Recipes

Try out these easy Cold Pressed Juice Recipes.

  • Grape-Plum
  • Apple-Cherry-Oranges
  • Grape-Green
  • Apple-Sliced
  • Ginger-Pepper-Grape
  • Ginger-Vinegar
  • Orange-Raspberries
  • Leafy greens and peas


Cold Pressed Juice Advantages

Cold Pressed Juice Recipes’ advantages are numerous. It’s a high-fiber source of minerals and vitamins which help to keep you feeling and looking great. It can boost your immune system and help fight against diabetes, cancer, and other ailments. It assists with weight reduction by breaking down food into smaller portions.


Cold Pressed Juice Recipe Benefits

Cold Pressed Juice Recipe benefits include: creating a wholesome snack, refreshing after a workout, packed with vitamins and minerals, a tasty treat, full of protein, and low calorie. These are merely some of the many reasons to use Cold Pressed Juices for health purposes.

You can find many Cold Pressed Juices on your grocery store or health store. They may be made in the home, however, if you’re trying to make a large batch you will probably wish to purchase them prepared and then just add the juice to the container.


Cold Pressed Juice Recipes


The best juices have fresh vegetables and fruits inside them. The skin is eliminated so that it is simpler to clean and juice. In some cases, the juice is strained, but that isn’t necessarily necessary.

If you don’t like fruit on your juice you can substitute the fruits with vegetables. Simply put some vegetable pulp to your skillet. If you want your drink to be more alkaline, you can add lemon or lime juice or any additional acidity decreasing fruit. Just make certain to add sufficient water to keep everything hydrated.

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Using For Cooking

Cold-pressed juices can also be used for cooking. Simply put in the juice to any recipe where you would prefer some lemony flavor. You can put the juice in sauces, stews, or even ice cream.



A very yummy cold-pressed juice is carrot juice. You can add a squeeze of fresh lime to the carrot and enjoy a very refreshing and nutritious drink. To get a quick lunch you can add two little pieces of carrot to a bowl of milk or add a spoonful of carrot juice and milk and blend it together.

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