Celery Juice Benefits

Celery Juice belongs to the Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family, which also includes parsley and fennel. The celery stalks are crisp, they are often used to make salads or soups. As its taste is rather salty, celery juice benefits from an association with sweeter fruit juices.

Some varieties of celery are even very salty. The white parts of the celery grew out of the sun and contain less chlorophyll than the green parts.

Nutritional Benefits of Celery Juice

How to Make Celery Juice

Celery leaves are rich in vitamin A; as for the stems, they are excellent sources of vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C, as well as potassium, folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and many essential amino acids. Sodium, responsible for the salty taste of celery, is not bad for your health, it is even an essential mineral for the body.

Even people who need to watch their salt intake can eat celery with peace of mind. It is table salt, made up of sodium chloride, that people with high blood pressure should avoid.

Celery also contains fiber, which promotes transit. While a lot of foods lose their nutritional qualities during cooking, celery is quite resistant to it.

Therapeutic Virtues of Celery Juice

Celery has been consumed for a long time with hypertension and is really excellent in vegetable juice. Associated with other fruits and vegetables, celery works in synergy to fight several ailments. Recent studies have highlighted its interest in fighting cancer.

Helps restore the acid-base balance in celery juice

Thanks to its mineral composition, celery juice helps neutralize the acidity of the blood.

Is the ally of athletes

Celery juice acts as a perfect tonic after a workout.
It compensates for the loss of electrolytes, rehydrates the body and provides it with a number of vitamins and minerals.

Helps prevent and fight cancer

There are no less than eight families of anticancer substances in celery.
Among them are acetylenic compounds which have been shown to be effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells.
As for the phenolic acids it contains, they block the action of prostaglandins which stimulate the growth of tumor cells. Coumarins found there help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Helps Regulate cholesterol levels

Researchers have shown that celery juice significantly helps lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels in the blood.

Helps Prevent Colon and Stomach Cancer

Celery contains coumarins, phytonutrients that prevent the formation and development of colon and stomach cancers.

Relieves Constipation in Celery Juice

Celery juice has natural laxative properties that help relieve constipation. It also helps soothe nerves that are strained by taking industrially made laxatives.

Has Refreshing Virtues

In hot, dry weather, drinking a glass of celery juice two to three times a day, between meals, is a great help in regulating body temperature.

Has diuretic properties

The potassium and sodium in celery juice help to regulate the flow of fluids circulating in the body, in particular, to stimulate mixing, and therefore to prevent the accumulation of fluids.

Helps fight inflammation

The polyacetylene in celery is a very effective substance in relieving inflammation. The consumption of celery is therefore indicated in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma, or bronchitis.

Stimulates kidney functions

Celery promotes healthy kidney function by helping to remove toxins from the body.

Helps fight hypertension

Drinking celery juice daily for a week will significantly help lower blood pressure.
The phthalides that celery contains help to relax the muscles around the arteries, to dilate the vessels, all phenomena promoting good blood circulation. To get the most of this benefit, it’s best to take a three-week break after a week of continuous use.

Soothes the nervous system

Thanks to its composition of alkaline minerals, celery juice has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Its consumption is therefore ideal for people suffering from insomnia.

Promotes weight loss

Drinking celery juice frequently throughout the day helps control cravings for sweet or fatty foods.

Helps eliminate urinary stones

Thanks to its diuretic properties, celery juice benefits can help eliminate kidney stones or those in the gallbladder.

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My Advice

When buying, choose the greenest specimens, which contain more chlorophyll.
Make sure the celery stems are firm.
In the refrigerator, store the celery wrapped in a plastic bag or in a Tupperware.

Celery tends to wilt quite quickly, so avoid leaving it too long at room temperature.
If your celery has softened, sprinkle it with water and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours, it will regain its crunchiness.