Best Vegetable Juicer 2022 – Amazon Reviews

Vegetable juice preferences are a great way to get what you need in your diet without eating salad. The best way to treat vegetables at home is to use the best vegetable juices for the job.

Vegetable juices have a mild, fresh flavour that is great for quenching your thirst on hot days and are great to drink during or after exercise. You can even combine it with your favourite fruit juices for a complex, exciting flavour. While many popular food and beverage brands have been selling vegetable juices, you can save a lot of money by using your juicer to make your juice at home. Even if you’re not an experienced chef, making juices at home is easy and fun.

However, it would be best if you had a very powerful juicer to successfully juice vegetables, callous ones like carrots and celery. These veggies can get stuck in a juicer that is designed for softer fruits and vegetables. A good vegetable juicer is an excellent investment for anyone who enjoys drinking juice because they can handle various ingredients with different textures. In this article, we will cover the best juicers on the market for veggies and what you should look for when you are shopping for a vegetable juicer for celery

Comparison List of Best Vegetable Juicer For Carrots & Celery in 2022

The Winner – Omega Juicer – NC800HDS

Best Vegetable Juicer For Carrots in 2021, best celery juicer expert in 2021

Key Features:

  • Industry-Leading Brand
  • Twin Stage Masticating Extraction
  • Noiseless Motor
  • Makes More Than Juice
  • Very Slow Speed Squeeze Juicing

The Omega NC800HDS is totally reliable in the line of Omega masticating juicers. Its features and properties are the same as other Omega juicers which are being discussed.


Its RPM speed is slow and approximately 80 RPM. It does process the ingredients two times because it has two-stage of masticating juicer. It is an excellent option for the best juicer for hard fruits and vegetables because it will entirely crush everything at a high juice yield.

Motor Power

Its motor power is 150-watt which is not decisive compared to other larger Omega juicers; however, it is sufficient to mix and crash all the things to get juices without cramping. This juicer has a traditional horizontal design, with a sweeping descent that minimizes the amount of prep you need to do for each vegetable.

Automatic System

It has an automatic blend ejection feature to ensure that the drill does not stop with general use. One of its most exceptional features is that it has an adjustable cap on the end, and you can use it to switch among five settings in different modes, but it depends on which juice you would like to make. Other fluids need different sets accordingly.

Other Features

  • Another feature is that it can also be used as a food processor to make various items.
  • The noise of the motor is quiet, so no one disturbs those around you with your juicing.
  • This Omega NC800HDSjuicer also comes with a very economical 15-year warranty.

Greenstar Masticating Juicer – GSE-5050 

It is also a fantastic versatile juice that is used for a variety of purposes. It can serve as a food processor and home decor, but you can also buy optional pasta nozzles and make your noodles. It makes it an excellent option for those who like to be creative in the kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Portable
  • Jumbo Twin Gear Technology
  • Complete Mastication System
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • Easy to Clean

If you want to make mostly vegetable juice, Tribest GSE-5050 is a muscular workhorse that will not disappoint you. Although it is a substantial financial investment, it comes with a 12-year warranty, and with the help of its durable construction and powerful motor, you are likely to live even longer.

Speed & Power

The motor power is 200 watts and has two gears by default so that it will crush all the required things within no timeThe rotating speed is slow, but it doesn’t take long to make fresh juice.

Gears are designed to mimic the process of human picking, so they can crush even the most challenging vegetables and produce the most juice. The speed of this access is 110 rpm. Although slightly higher than some other suspected juices, it is still much slower than a centrifugal juicer, so its juice quality is much better than minimal foaming or nutrient damage.


The interior of the twin gear is made of bio-ceramic stainless steel, so they are incredibly durable and will not interfere with the quality of your juice. It also uses unique magnetic technology to get the most out of the ingredients, so you’ll get a massive amount of fresh juice that will last for a few days.

The SE GSE 5050 is relatively easy to clean despite its power. There are only a few parts inside for separation and washing, and the juicer comes with a clean brush and scraper to make the process easier. These tools can help remove even the most stubborn bits of pulp from inside the juicer.

Best Omega Masticating Vertical Juicer – FBA VRT350

Another excellent option for the Omega line is the vertical design of this masking juicer, which makes it slightly more compact than the J8006.

Key Features:

  • Low-Speed System
  • Preserves Flavor and Nutritional Value
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to Clean

Excellent for vegetable juices

For those who want to save space in the kitchen. It is a good option.

The FBA VRT350 is also not multi-purpose. It can only juice; It cannot do the extra work of food processing. If you like wheatgrass as well as complex vegetable juices, this juicer is a perfect option.

RPM Speed

This juicer rotates at a speed of 80 RPM, so it does not add much heat or oxygen to the juice. Fine comes with both friendly and thick screens that you can change manually, so you can control how much pulp your juice contains.

Easy to clean

It has both options for manually clean and automatic clean. Its cleaning helps the user get out any tiny piece of juice stuck inside the juicer. A silicone wipe is available to clean the screen, which will help prevent juicer prevention for cleaning purposes.

Quality in work

So, if we talk about the quality of the best omega juicer, that is tremendous, among others. Low speed means that the juice stays fresh for a long time and does not contain much foam. Its production is also very high as it produces juice in two stages. An ogre crushed each ingredient by an ogre and then fed through a pressure chamber where the remaining juice is extracted.


It has a deficient noise level, so it will not bother you or your neighbours when you are using it. There is a ten-year guarantee to give you peace of mind on this big purchase

Best Vegetable Juicer Buying Guide

It is crucial to have a juicer that can handle the task of regularly juice vegetables daily. It can be not very clear to shop for a vegetable juicer. Some juicers that are great for fruits might not work well for vegetables.

Vegetables are difficult to juice because of their dense texture. A powerful juicer must be able to chop and crush them without clogging. Here are the Celery juicers you should check in a vegetable juicer.

Masticating vs Centrifugal Juicer

First, decide whether you want a centrifugal or masticating juicer. The centrifugal juicer uses a spinning juicing chamber to extract the juice from the ingredients. Masticating juicers spin slower and have teeth that essentially mimic chewing.

Masticating juicers are generally better for leafy greens and vegetables, as they thoroughly process the ingredients. Its outcomes are excellent to make juice with in no time and less clogging. Masticating juicers also spin slower, so they don’t add heat or oxygen to your juice.

As a result, it makes the juice more nutritious and lasts longer. A twin-gear version of the masticating juicer is an option. It will result in more juice production as your ingredients are processed twice.

It is important to remember that masticating juicers tend to be more expensive than centrifugal juicers. A centrifugal juicer is a good option if you have a limited budget. You can always upgrade later if the juicer doesn’t work for you. A centrifugal juicer that is suitable for vegetable use should have sharp blades. You should also have several settings so that you can customize the juicer to suit your needs.

RPM Speed

Next, a customer requires to know about the RPM (or rotations per minute) of your juicer. To get the highest quality juice, You want a juicer with a slow speed. You will get all the nutritional benefits of your vegetables if the juicer is slower. The RPM speed of masticating juicers can range from 120 to 45.

The centrifugal juicers are much more efficient, with thousands upon thousands of rotations per hour. Low RPM juicers produce better juice quality and are more efficient for leafy greens. High-speed centrifugal juicers can jam easily.

Motor Power

Also, consider the power of your juicer’s motor. A juicer that is more powerful and capable will perform better. You may see the motor’s power measured in watts or horsepower (HP). Many vegetable juicers use 200-watt motors as a standard. That’s is why it is essential to keep in mind when looking for a replacement.

Juice Yield

The best vegetable juicer machine’s ability to extract juice from each ingredient is another factor. If the pulp is dehydrated, it’s a good indicator of a juicer with a high yield. Unfortunately, it is something you can’t measure by simply reading online about the juicer.

Instead, you might consider visiting a local store to test it out. Or, to see video best vegetable juicer reviews and get an idea of the juicer’s yield, go online and search for juicer reviews. Twin gear masticating juicers can produce a high-yielding juice by running the juice twice.

Materials Used

Your juicer’s materials are an indicator of its durability. The juicer should be made of food-grade stainless steel. The customer will ensure that it lasts the longest and doesn’t contaminate your juice. It would help if you looked for Triton certifications or other signs that the materials are safe for food. It is essential to ensure that all plastic juicers are BPA-free. Plastics can stain more easily when you are juicing bright fruits such as carrots and are less durable.

Ease of Cleaning and Assembly

Juicing is an everyday activity, so you will know how important it is to clean your juicer quickly when you are done using it. Juicers are often described as easy to clean and disassemble. However, it is worth looking at the inside of the juicer to see if this is true. The juicer should have only a few parts you need to clean and remove. Many juicers come with a brush that is used to clean the pulp from the corners.

You might consider purchasing a cleaning brush if the juicer you are considering buying does not include one. Today’s juicers can be washed in the dishwasher, which is excellent for busy people. It would be best if you also considered whether the juicer could automatically eject pulp. This feature allows you to use your juicer for more extended periods without it becoming clogged. It is also much easier to clean.