best masticating juicer for celery

Best Masticating Juicer For Celery in 2022 – Amazon Reviews & Buying Guide



In this article, we can briefly discuss the best masticating juicer for celery. Juicing is a thing in this modern age. A juicer is a must-have product in any house kitchen, for it is used on a daily basis. It brings ease in the cooking, cutting, and pouring but most importantly it saves time and a lot of effort. Many chefs and cooks use it to save time while cooking.

The Masticating top-rated Juicer has an auger that works to crush the fruits and veggies after they pass through the chute. It then separates the pulp and the juice by slowly squeezing the produce. The juice runs through a mesh, while the pulp will be pushed into a separate container


There are different juicers for different purposes but the Best Masticating Juicer 2020 for Celery are very few in numbers and hard to find. For Best Celery Juicer in 2022, it is necessary to have a Best Slow juicing machine that would enable it to extract more juice from fruits and vegetables, unlike other Centrifugal juicers.

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best masticating juicer for celery


List of Top & Best Masticating Juicer For Celery


best masticating juicer

Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center
  • Large Chute
  • Less Noice
  • Adjustable Cap
  • Quiet Motor
  • Slow Masticating
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best masticating juicer

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer
  • Slow Masticating
  • Energy-saving & Silent
  • Portable Juicer
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best masticating juicer

CIRAGO Juicer Machines
  • High Nutrients
  • Reverse Function
  • Auger and Filter
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best juicer for celery

Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor
  • Large Feeding Chute
  • Safety First
  • Easy to Clean
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best juicer for celery

Slow Masticating Juicer Easy to Clean Geek Chef Cold Press Juicer
  • Time Saver
  • Drip-Free Cap
  • Water Resistant Switch
  • Adjustable Speed
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1 Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

Creates Fruit Vegetable and Wheatgrass Juice Quiet Motor Slow Masticating

Omega Juicer food extractor is the Best High End masticating juicer for 2022 that does exactly what it promises. Omega juicer cut juicing time in half which is a huge bonus for those people who juice too much in a single day. It can extract juices easily and in less time from all kinds of juiceable fruits and vegetables.


best masticating juicer for celery


Key Features


Even though the product body is made of chrome-plated plastic, it still is highly durable and strong thanks to its high-quality plastic.


All parts of this product can easily be disassembled and assembled back which offers its users a very easy way to clean it.

 Large Chute 

It has a larger chute that allows its users to feed it larger pieces of fruits and vegetables meant to be juiced – which makes it easy for the users and saves their time by not cutting the fruits and vegetables in small pieces before feeding it to the juicer.

 Less Noice 

The juicer has the best slow juicing RPM about 80 which helps in reducing the noise and increasing the extraction of juice.

 Things it can do 

Apart from juicing fruits, vegetables, and celery juice, Omega can also make all-natural nut butter, baby food, soy/nut milk, pasta, and a variety of healthy snakes with its nutrition system.

 Easy to use 

Unlike any other Celery Juicer, this masticating juicer is very easy to use utilize.

 Adjustable Cap 

The end cap is easily adjustable and has five different settings for juice output and also allows continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection.

  • Easier to Clean
  • The strong motor allows all kinds of juice
  • Larger chute
  • The slow process helps in extracting
  • Less Power consuming
  • Has a stylish design
  • Expensive for Average Consumers
  • Floating screen is a little hard to clean because of its size




2Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Many chefs, cooks, and normal users prefer Aicok Juicer over any other expensive and more weighted Juicer Machine. Aicok Juicer is considered the upgraded version of the previous best machines in a budget offer. Yes, this is an overpowered small Juicer Machine that can be used for heavy-duty without any worry in the world.

This is not as expensive as other juicers available in the market but in duty, it is reliable as much as any other juicer out there in the market. Currently, in 2022, Aicok Juicer is the Best Overall Slow Masticating juicer in the market one can find and afford. Its singer auger machine allows it to focus on blending whatever is fed to it and avoids wasting time and power.


best masticating juicer for celery


Key Features


Durability is the very first thing buyers look for in any of the products they buy. Aicok Juicer is very keen not to disappoint its users and buyers. The Slow Masticating juicer is prone to any damage unless intended.


It is an extremely easy juicer to assemble, it is super easy to disassemble to which allows users to clean it more easily and professionally. Cleaning the juicer after using it is super easy and less time-consuming. It takes around four to five minutes to completely wash the juicer.

 Things it can do 

Unlike many other normal juicers, it can do multitasking. It is a single jet for multiple locations. To mention, the juicer perfectly juices celery, leafy vegetables, ginger, carrots, and all type of soft and hard fruits.

 Energy Saving & Silent 

The juicer runs on less than 60 decibels which helps in producing very little noise almost inaudible. The extremely overpowered work is done by using a very little amount of energy or electricity.

 Slow Juicing 

Yes, slow juicing is plus the feature of almost any masticating juicer because the slow juicing process avoids creating a foam on the juice of fruits or vegetables. Slow juicing allows the juicer to focus on not wasting the nutrients and vitamins present in fruits and vegetables and keeps them preserved.


The weight of the juicer lets the users carry it to any part of their room or kitchen. It is easy to lift and easy to install. One can easily carry all parts of the juicer from one place to another and install it in no time, for it is so easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • The most important advantage of the juicer is its affordability and inexpensiveness. Any average buyer can buy it as the juicer price is very normal unlike other overpriced juicing products
  • The juicer is very light weighted that anyone can carry it to any place
  • It is safe for washing in the dishwasher
  • It is easier and safe to wash it in the dishwasher.
  • The juicer is approved by ETL and UL
  • Does not make nut butter, nut milk, or pasta
  • Users have to cut the food into smaller pieces before feeding it to the juicer




3CIRAGO Juicer Machines, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Two Speed Adjustment, Easy to Clean, Quiet Motor, Cold Press Juicer for Vegetables and Fruits, BPA-Free (Green)

Urban life is hectic with stressful responsibilities and round-the-clock demands and pressures. Living a healthy life is, therefore, challenging because it is not easy to build a healthy habit especially for people who are not born to parents with healthy lifestyles. A healthy lifestyle is expensive if one does not know how to manage it.

But a healthy lifestyle could be less challenging with smaller steps taken such as having a personal juice extractor machine so that a healthy lifestyle could easily come into your mind after waking up and before rush hours of traffic jams and office works.


best masticating juicer for celery


For the Best Premium juicer to have for your healthy lifestyle almost all of the chefs would recommend having CIRAGO Juicer. These are the best juicing machines for Slow Masticating which extracts as maximum nutrients and vitamins from your food as possible. The product is suitable for almost all types of fruits and veggies. It should also be noticed Cirago makes less than 60-decibel noises.

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Key Features

 Adjustable Speed 

The consumers have the advantage of adjusting two different speeding categories for juicing including Soft and Hard for different types of fruits and vegetables.

 Easily Portable 

The Cirago juicer has such a unique design that it allows the consumers to have an easy day with it. It is smaller in size which allows users to carry it with ease and is so light weighted that even children can carry it.

 High Nutrients 

Along with preserving high maximum nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, Cirago Slow Masticating Juicer also reduces the oxidation rate because of its Juice and Pulp Separation function. The consumers get highly pure juice with less foam and better taste.

 Reverse Function 

Cirago Juicer has a reverse function that prevents food clogging and is useable in cleaning it afterward. The reverse function also helps to extremely mince the food for the maximum extraction of juice from the food.

 Convenient and Easy to Clean 

The juicer can be disassembled with one simple button that allows the users to take the parts apart and easily clean them. The juicer is safe to wash in the dishwasher and the bonus point is that it is BPA free material which means its plastic will not get infected.

 Auger and Filter 

Cirago Slow Masticating Juicer has a spiral upgraded auger which has 7 segments and has a high-density filter that helps in extracting the pure nutrients and vitamins from foods rather than extracting the foam and wasting the juice.

  • Promising heavy-duty doer for average class families
  • Costs so little and is easily Affordable
  • Cirago Slow Masticating juicers are very easy to find in all markets
  • Very light weighted and is easy to be carried anywhere
  • Portable Product
  • Safer to dishwashing
  • Doesn't require any sort of professional skills to open
  • Automatically separates the juice from the residue
  • The high-density filter prevents forming
  • Juicing process is a little lengthier
  • Chute size is smaller and pre-cutting of food is required




4Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor

Why buy juice at the store when you can make it at home. Eating healthier doesn’t have to require some rigid, miserable diet and counting calories in an app. Juicers are simple appliance buys that can transform the way you eat. If you’re big on the taste of fruits and veggies already, juicing is a great way to squeeze the most nutrients out of the stuff you already love. Few people think about celery juicer that how much is a juicer?

Taking a green juice is way faster than eating a salad in the car not to mention those citrus drinks are so refreshing. If you’re looking to get into the best home juicer for juicing the game, Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer is the best choice. This Juicer Machine is the Best Budget juicer available in the market for you. The juicer is keen to keep you interested in its 3-inch large chute which can accept larger pieces of food and you do not have to cut the food in little pieces before feeding it to the juicer.


best celery juicer


The Mueller Austria Masticating Juicer comprises state-of-the-art technology and low speeds to produce healthy yields. The juicer has a large chute to ensure prepping efficiency. This level of convenience is rarely seen in masticating juicers. And, the best part is the juicer is capable of handling larger pieces of produce, minimizing potential clogs and jams.

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Key Features

 Large Feeding Chute 

This Mueller Austria juicer has a chute of 3-inch which has the ability to accept larger and bigger pieces of foods and vegetables. The consumers do not have to cut the pieces of food in little parts as they can feed the larger pieces to the chute and it will make the magic happen.

 Extra Feeding Chute 

The large feed chute is not the only prime feature of this Slow Cold Press Masticating juicer, it also has an extra feeding chute for smaller pieces of food. If one has food present already in pre-cut condition, they just have to put it into the extra feeding chute which is specifically made for smaller pieces of food.

 Safety First 

Operating a poorly designed masticating juicer can be risky. To minimize these risks, and putting the safety of its users first, the juicer has a safety sensor that detects if all the parts of the juicers are correctly installed or not. The safety sensor does multiple tasks as it can warn the users whether the parts are properly fixed or not plus it also avoids producing an electric shock.

 Premium Quality 

Unlike any other juicer, Mueller Juicer has premium builds quality. The juicer was designed for heavy-duty and has the potential to execute its heavy-duty job smoothly.

 Reverse Function 

Clogs and jams are always a possibility with masticating juicers. Eliminating these issues will entail smaller pieces being fed into the chute. Unclogging a jam safely and efficiently will require a reverse function. This feature allows the blades to operate in reverse to break them clog-free.

It is not recommended to purchase a juicer that does not have a reverse mode. The reverse mode prevents users from switching the juicer off and opening it to fix the clogging issue and also saves their time.

 Slow Speed 

Slow-speed guarantees maximum extraction of juice from the food and vegetables. As fruits are very expensive and not really cheap to buy in the market, the slow speed feature ensures to put its users for the money to good use and not waste it.

 Easy to Clean 

Easier cleaning is not a feature of many juicers but is very necessary for a must-have feature. If a juicer is easier to clean it saves time and energy which is something this juicer gladly offers.

 Has Everything in The Box 

The juicer comes with its own brush for cleaning, a strainer, a plunger, and 2 bowls.

  • Great value for the money
  • Easily affordable product for users
  • The slow juicing process promises to extract as maximum juice as possible from the fruits and vegetables being fed to it
  • No need of cutting food into smaller pieces before juicing
  • Users can just put the large pieces of food into the large chute
  • Very easy controls of the reverse function
  • Easily portable thanks to its lightweight
  • Extreme extraction of food can be a bit noisy but is worth it
  • It can struggle with leafy green vegetables but is best with hard foods




5Slow Masticating Juicer

Easy to Clean Geek Chef Cold Press Juicer with Quiet Motor and Reverse Function, Compact Design Juicer Extractor for All Fruits and Veggies (Silver)


The product masticating has a minimum speed; therefore, Geek Chef could yield a high amount of juice from veggies and fruits. The product design suggests that Geek Chef could yield between 50% and 90% of the total juice. Geek Chef also has a tiny food chute which then promises a smooth operation and minimizes food stuck inside the motor.


best celery juicer


It is recommended that users may consider the quality of the motor. Juice extractors with quality motors could yield much juice with very little noise. At the same time, the product shall come with designs that there is not much heat build-up. The product is considered the Best Slow Juicer 2020 thanks to its extremely slow speed of 40 RPM.

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Key Features

 Motor Quality 

The Geek Chef is the best juicer with a powerful and strong motor that enables the users to get as much juice extraction as possible from the fruits and vegetables. With its more power the motor works silently and does not make any loud noise.

 Safer for Health 

The best cold press juicer 2020 is made from baby food-grade material without any toxic substances, plus our juicer works under 50db which is quieter than most juicers, just enjoy a healthy life with the BPA-FREE extractor.

 Time Saver 

The parts of the juicer are made of such materials that are immune to damage in dishwashing and can be easily and very quickly cleaned without any harm done.

 Space Saver 

The product is not huge in size which is a plus for those who do not have extra spaces in their kitchens. The product can fit-in in a small area.

 Drip-Free Cap 

The juicer has a drip-free cap that helps its users to mix various juice and reduces the oxidation rate plus it also keeps the countertop clean.

 Easy to Handle 

The smart handy design of the Slow Masticating Juicer makes it more portable and makes the disassembly and cleaning easier.

 Water Resistant Switch 

The power switch of the juicer is covered with silicon coating that makes it prone to any shock or damage.

 Adjustable Speed 

The juicer has two different adjustable speeds. Different speeds can help in extracting the extreme amount of juice from the fruits and vegetables plus it also prevents the wastage of nutrients and vitamins.

  • Fit into any little area of your kitchen or your table
  • Really easy to use and clean after use
  • Anyone can have access to the product as it is ubiquitous and easily available
  • Easily portable and can be easily carried with bare hands
  • The specially designed cap prevents the juice from spilling
  • Extreme slow speed helps in making pure juice and avoids wasting any useful materials
  • Juicing process is longer than other juicers
  • Takes time but provides better and pure juice



Best Masticating Juicer For Celery Buying Guide

best masticating juicer for celery


What are the main things people must consider and that people do consider before buying a juicer? Well, the users of juicers are not a single colony or a group but the users come from all over the world. Almost all of them have different opinions and different likes and dislikes. Some people do not mind the noisy machine while some are immensely sensitive to sound and would not prefer a noisy machine to buy.

Think about this for a minute…

While some may have domestic issues and problems like they may not mind the noise but they may have children in the house. Well, they can still choose a juicing machine that matches their needs and comes with good working abilities at a reasonable price. Some may not mind the price but that another thing to consider.

To buy a juicer, the buyer has many questions in mind but the main questions should be the timing of the juice processor, the durability of the product, the amount of food it can blend at a time, the power of the motor, the price, of course, the safety, process of assembly, and finally the cleaning process.

For it is very tricky to clean a juicer for those who are new to juicing business or lazy people. Some people prefer a larger chute so that they can feed it as much as possible in little time and for that Geek Chef Cold Press is a good choice because it has a larger chute and can feed on larger pieces.

The best part?

Those who would consider buying any average working juicer at a considerable and best affordable juicer at cheap price should go for Mueller Austria Juicer because it does all the magic in a little price tag. This one is also a good choice for those who want a small and easily portable and machine It also has an extra feeding chute for smaller pieces of food.

Customers looking for another best cheap juicer but the powerful machine should go for Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer which has a plus point of the reverse function. Customers who do not mind the price but look for a promising machine should go for Omega Juicer Extractor which has adjustable settings and offers anything that any customer could demand.




Are Masticating juicers better?

The masticating juicers which are also known as Slow Juicers or Cold Press Juicers are surely better than any other type of juicers. The masticating juicers top the chart because they operate at a very low speed which helps in extracting the maximum amount of pure nutrients from food and produces less heat, foam, and oxidation which is harmful to human health. But masticating juicers are normally more expensive than the typical juicers but the prices are worth it.

Is Masticating juicer the same as cold press?

Masticating juicer and Cold Press juicer are two different names for the same product. They operate at a very low speed and extract the purer form of nutrients in the juice for the consumers.

Which masticating juicer is easiest to clean?

The juicers can be tricky to clean for those who are new to the juicing business or for lazy people. Normally those juicers which can be easily disassembled are easier to clean. The dishwashing feature is another point for easy cleaning. In the mentioned juicers, Cirago Juicer Machines is easier to clean because it is immune to damage of Dishwashing.

What should I look for in a masticating juicer?

This depends on the customer. If you are in juicing business then going for a juicer with a strong motor is the best choice. If you use it only for your own self then it is okay to go for a less expensive and less powerful machine. Whether you are a patient person and do not mind the slow process then it is better to go for a slower machine, it will provide you better juice.

Which juicer extracts the most juice?

The extraction of juice depends on the quality of the food. But apart from that, the slower juicer does a good job of extracting more juice than a typical juicer. The Chef Geek Juicer has the slowest RPM and has the ability to extract as much juice as possible.

What is a masticating juicer?

Masticating juicer for celery is a juicer with an auger (drill). Unlike a typical juicer (with blades instead of auger), it can crush the food to the next level and can extract more juice.